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refrains from saying anything directly to me or her daughter.I don’t know what is the right thing to do here.I don’t want her to feel like she doesn’t belong in our family but I also don’t want to cause pain for her mother.It is natural that his little girl would want to call you Mommy 2016 bridesmaid dresses , and I hope you let her do it.What a heartbreaking situation, and how lucky your little girl is that you are in her life.Re: Children’s Accusations: How about approaching this from a different standpoint and trying to figure out what had prompted these accusations in the first place?It might be that the girl is simply rebelling against her father’s new relationship by making up accusations aimed at distancing him from the new girlfriend and her son.Maybe it’s something that could be addressed with a family therapist.A: I agree the mother of the girl has to try to figure out what is going on.I also stand by my judgment that this is a dangerously volatile situation and the parents’ obligation is to look out for the long-term interests of their children.Names: When I married 10 years ago, I kept my name.Most family members accepted my decision, but some still refer to me, write to me, and introduce me by my husband’s name.Any suggestions how to react to this situation?A: You don’t say how many family members or how old they are.I didn’t change my name, but for the rest of her life when she wrote to me, or introduced me to her friends, she used my husband’s last name.She died about 15 years ago, and I miss her.I assume the interactions you have with your recalcitrant family members are limited, and that these relatives are not introducing you to potential employers, etc.where the name issue would be more relevant.Actually, I go by Huma Abedin, not Weiner.Of course, people should be called by the name they choose.But you’ve presumably been shrugging this off for 10 years, and if the family members who do this are older, this will eventually take care of itself.clipped to her blazer.Are you retired military?Shaw asked, taking a break from his lawn work to walk over to the broad-shouldered woman.Yeah, 20 years, Navy SEAL, Kristin Beck said.She brushed back her long blond hair and showed him the silver pendant on her necklace, an eagle clutching a trident pretty pink bridesmaid dresses , anchor and pistol.Wow, I didn t know there was a woman SEAL.That s amazing, said Shaw, a retired Army colonel.I have a right to some happiness I m the first one, Beck said.What she didn t say was that at the time of her service, she was Christopher Beck.She didn t think she needed to mention it.Two years ago, Beck publicly came out as a woman, but by her own account she still looks like a dude in a dress.Even on a day when she was wearing jeans and a black jacket with a white trim.not so much as a transgender candidate as a candidate who happens to be transgender.That s why she didn t bring up gender issues as she walked through the Shaws upper-middle-class black neighbourhood in Maryland, seeking votes in her long-shot primary bid against Steny Hoyer, the second most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives.Beck, 48, almost certainly isn t going to win.She doesn t have much name recognition or money.She doesn t even have the backing of the major gay and transgender advocacy groups.They have hesitations about her propensity to offend parts of the community and take issue with her attempt to oust Hoyer, a staunch ally for LGBT rights.But what Beck does have is an incredible life story, a slightly jumbled platform of about 70 issues, and a message that the district is ready for a change.Lawrence Shaw s wife, Yvette, said, leaning on a rake.that s what I m talking about.Give it to the women!Lawrence and Yvette gamely posed for photos with Beck and promised to check out her campaign website.Their 15-year-old daughter, Lauryn, grabbed three Beck for Congress bumper stickers and pasted them onto the family cars.Beck began that morning like she begins every morning: lying in bed trying to make the pain go away.Years of wear and tear have destroyed the discs in her spine.Her knee aches from a hard parachute landing in Afghanistan.Her ribs still throb years after falling off the roof of a hut, and her arm is still scarred from the time a rocket exploded beside her, a present from the Taliban on her 42nd birthday.After adjusting and readjusting her back eggplant bridesmaid dresses , she got out of bed, and walked downstairs, clutching the railing for balance.She gulped down her pain pills and watched the fish swim through the 220- and 90-gallon tanks that she bought to remind her of the ocean.Her house is a museum exhibit of her acknowledgment of hundreds of clandestine missions and dozens of captures and kills.Her abstract paintings of wild seascapes scatter the shelves with quotes scrawled on the back: Even Heroes Rust and Break.There s a photograph in her kitchen from her SEAL days of a bushy-bearded Christopher.To blend in with the mujahideen, he wore a wool Pashtun cap and a baggy brown vest.A disguise upon a disguise.I ve been Conan (the Barbarian), and I ve been Barbie, she said, pointing to the photograph.But both parts make up who I am.Christopher Beck was born in 1966 and grew up on a small farm in Western Pennsylvania, attending a Christian school.By the time he was 5, Beck was sneaking into his sister s room to try on her dresses.Beck agreed with the use of male pronouns for describing her past identity.Once, his father caught him wearing a pink tutu.He gave me a good enough scare that it would be a real long time before I ever did it again in front of anybody, Beck recalled.Beck channeled his inner turmoil into sports, ran away from home for a brief period of time, and ended up at the Virginia Military Institute after graduating high school.He joined the Navy SEALs, got married to his first wife, Shelly, and had two boys.He deployed 13 times, including a stint in Bosnia just two days after his wedding.He was reckless, running headfirst into battles, unsure of whether he.


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