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And, as sometimes happens, at least one person with whom I was talking shot a look of confusion at me. Redlegs? What was I referring to?

I was referring to the Cincinnati Reds of the National League, a team and a nickname as old as professional baseball itself. For six seasons during the 1950s, though, the official name of the team was changed to the Cincinnati Redlegs. For those of us who were kids just discovering baseball in those years, "Redlegs" was the only name we knew for the team. Some of us, reflexively, still use it.

Behind that name switch in 1953 and the switch back to "Reds" before the 1959 season is a story of politics, and American cultural values, and the sometimes odd things we do in the face of perceived foreign or domestic threats. It's a story both comical and serious, and it's probably safe to say that many sports fans today know nothing about it. The present day Reds feature a whimsical mascot known as Mr. Redlegs, but the decidedly non whimsical history has faded.

"I don't think the younger fans make the association between the name 'Reds' and the anti communist Red Scare of the 1950s," said Greg Rhodes, the team's official historian. "But that was the reason, no question about it the team's management did not want anyone to mix the ball club up with anything that had to do with communism."

In those years, Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin had gained great influence by going after communists who were known in headlines, in speeches, in corner tavern conversations and just about everywhere else as "Reds." And here was the Cincinnati baseball team, proudly bearing the name Reds. Could the team just ignore what was on the front pages and in the everyday American vernacular?

Evidently not. According to Rhodes, in April of reebok nfl jerseys 1953 the team decided that it would be not the Reds, but the Redlegs. Among other things, this would lessen the chance that, after a home run barrage that defeated, say, the Pirates, there would be a banner headline declaring: "REDS BOMB PITTSBURGH."

Cincinnati, at the southern tip of Ohio, has always been a pretty traditional, nonflamboyant town. The citizens of the '50s loved their Reds. announcer at Crosley Field would suddenly intone: "Now pinch hitting for shortstop Roy McMillan . Nikita Khrushchev."

But, as of 1953, Redlegs it was. And for those of us in that part of the Midwest who were, for the first time in our lives, following big league baseball, it was as if the Reds had never existed. We listened to play by play man Waite Hoyt broadcasting the Redlegs games; as the 1950s wore on we became fiercely loyal to the Redlegs teams and the players whose names we knew by heart: Johnny Temple and Smoky Burgess and Ray Jablonski and Gus Bell and Wally Post, and the Redlegs' skipper, manager Birdie Tebbetts.

And, above all, there was the Redleg who inspired awe at the very sight of him:

Big Ted Kluszewski.

His arms were so massive that he had to cut or rip the sleeves from his uniform jerseys. That's how he came up to bat: with his huge arms extending from the shoulders of the jersey that could not contain them. A communist threat to Cincinnati? A different kind of Reds causing trouble in southern Ohio? Preposterous. If a flotilla of communist red soldiers was speeding up the Ohio River to attack the town, Big Klu was strong enough to repel the invaders all by himself.

The Redlegs name was accepted rather quickly; in the earliest years of the team's history it had been known as the Red Stockings, so Redlegs wasn't such a stretch. "I've always just liked the term and the way it sounds," he said.

One of his contributors, Steve Price, told me that, long after the Redlegs were the Reds again, his youth baseball league in Kentucky still played in heavy wool uniforms that were passed down from season to season: "I proudly wore 'Redlegs' across my chest, complete with high red stirrups over my ankles."

Could such a thing happen today: Could, because of political or social sensitivities, the nickname of a famous professional team be changed? There is regular discussion about the names and mascots of the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians; the Washington Bullets of the National Basketball Association became the Washington Wizards in 1997 because of the violent connotation of the old name. And, away from the sports world, as Redlegnation contributor Chris Garber points out, it wasn't so long ago that the Dt5FW6a9x congressional cafeteria declared that it was serving freedom fries instead of French fries.

By the start of the 1959 baseball season, the owners of the Cincinnati Redlegs had decided that enough was enough. The team would be the Reds again. We were the Reds before they were."

Time has a funny way of smoothing things out. The great jerseys from china Cincinnati teams of the 1970s were known as the Big Red Machine, and no one drew any political inferences from it. On electoral maps, what are areas of the United States called that tend to vote for conservative Republican candidates? Red states. It seems that all the Reds/Redlegs commotion, in the end, was nike usa soccer jersey about nothing.

And anyway, according to team historian Rhodes, no nickname could be as bizarre as another one that the Cincinnati ball club had very early in its history.

Thus Rhodes promises this is true for a brief time the team was known by a name that even Big Klu would have winced at:.

Dt5FW6a9x I'm an expat who has been living and working in Malta for the past 13 years.

Being such a spectacularly unsuccessful footballing nation, the local supporters are much more interested in Serie 'A' or The Premier League and the result is that every four years they show their true international colours.

The Maltese are real football fanatics, to the point where the success of "your" team or the failure of your "enemy" always results in convoys of cars running the streets making enough noise to ensure that everybody knows the result.

With cast iron ties to both England and Italy, the footballing supporters are split fairly evenly down the middle with maybe 10% spread across the other soccer nations.

Throughout June many cars have been driving around displaying the cross of St George, mainly because a local shark decided to make a killing buying thousands of them very cheaply on eBay and selling them off at one Lira a time (about 1.60 sterling).

For some unknown reason Italian flags are a cheap jerseys rarer sight this year, maybe it's because of the pungent odour currently coming out of Italian football.

The World Cup is a hot topic at my office. Peter, my German workmate, who is still going on about 1966 and Russian linesmen, was very insistent that England and Germany had to both win their groups to ensure that they wouldn't meet in the next round.

Well he got his wish although I'd like to be as pleased about the manner of our qualification as he is with his team.

Alan Sunderland, ex England and Arsenal superstar who lives in Malta and is a friend of mine, phoned me after the England/Sweden game for information on a problem he was having with his PC. The discussion inevitably turned to football and we both wondered why Sven hadn't brought on Walcott when Rooney was replaced after sixty odd minutes.

Alan's view is that if you make a big decision to take an unknown to the World Cup then you must use him or risk the anger of your supporters. Super Bowl 2016 Jerseys - Cheap Jersey For Championship Season He did point out that Sven has achieved something that no other manager has by winning the first two matches but we were both disappointed by the manner in which the two goals were conceded against Sweden.

Now at least we can relax for five days and enjoy the heat of the Maltese summer. It's 33 degrees and summer hasn't really started here yet!

Last time out there where tricolours flying from cars and buildings, I flew a tricolour and Georges Cross from my house and car as my wife is Irish, this time I've got the Georges Cross on the inside of my house window and I've only flow it from the car on match days.

I have however draped a big flag over the partition on my desk at work, I've had a bit of ribbing over it but now that we are through to the quarters the conversations are a bit more serious.

I do find the media here are seriously biased against the English Team. Even before the Finals began there where articles along the lines of when and how badly England will be put out, of course as the team are not playing at their best this can be masked under the guise of critiscism of the performance, it does feel a bit vulture like.

I have now taken my cue from Sven and ask everyone to imagine what we could if we were playing at our best.

The Irish do like to criticise the English for remembering 1966 but then again the Irish never fail to point out their win over us in 1988.

Being a football fan living here in Germany during the competition has been fantastic! I teach in a school here in Cologne and though being constantly asked "So, you are here for the WM?" is a little frustrating, the atmosphere has been electric! I say this in every sense of the word as any fan watching the England game at the fan fest in Heumarkt yesterday will agree. The sighting of huge thunder clouds sweeping towards us as Beckham stepped up. Thunder rolled across the square and, as he swung his foot, the screen went blank. It came back two seconds later to reveal the ball in the net. Everyone went crazy and I thought it had started to rain at the same time. However, this was the beer fountain created by the bouncing England fans behind us. Great stuff. We legged it into a nearby Thai establishment, where they were all supporting Ecuador, oops!

Later in the evening I went to see the second half of Holland Portugal, where some great light hearted, if not always politically correct banter was going on, orchestrated by the England fans who had all sided with Holland. No flare ups and no rampaging German police responded to the sound of "there were ten German bombers in the air".

However, the best and most unique experience was as I was walking down my road on the evening of the England Sweden game. From a flat above me I was haled by three bald headed men in blue and yellow shirts, or no shirts at all. "See you in the eighth final!" they yelled, presuming I was German (makes a change!)After we had established that I wasn't they invited me up for beers and a chat. They were just three dads away from wife and kids to watch the game. They haled all going coming by and we were soon joined by a well heeled, French/Polish businessman and a young, North African student who lived next door. It was great that football had brought all these people from varying backgrounds and walks of life together. Bars and pubs are packed to the brim to watch the matches . although I haven't been to see what it's like since the USA were eliminated (I've watched at home or in my office). But this is a football savvy town, so I expect that it will continue.

There's been much more attention paid to the tournament this time around than in years past. The media are covering it a lot more heavily.

I finally got a TV in my office so I can watch unfortunatley, many of the initial round games are on ESPN, so on cable, and our office's cable setup only gets news and political channels . sadly, no ESPN (it's like they want us to be productive or something). But I bought an old fashioned antenna and now can get the Spanish language broadcast from over the airwaves. (Even though I don't speak Spanish, their announcers are better than ESPN's!)

most days I have a few colleagues who don't have offices or TVs crowded in with me.

Central Texas is all excited about the upcoming football action. The Patriots Super Bowl Appearances - New Champions NFL Jerseys soccer world cup however doesn't quite make a stir. Some are aware of it but don't quite get what the all the fuss is about. 'It's a good game but not the best spectator sport' or 'Nothing happens! Ain't hardly any goals' they say to soccer fans like me.

Oh yeah, there's a few of us here. We surreptitiously check the scores online at work and muffle exclamations at 90th minute penalty kicks, schedule 'dentist appointments' during key games, and discuss the deluge of cards, yellow and red, in hushed voices. Ours is a sad lot, but we're working with missionary zeal to advance the cause of the world's favorite game here. Until it catches on, the face paint will have to wait. Viva soccer!

Central Texas is all excited about the upcoming football action. The soccer world cup however doesn't quite make a stir. Some are aware of it but don't quite get what the all the fuss is about. 'It's a great game but not the best spectator sport' or 'Nothing happens! Ain't hardly any goals' they say to soccer fans like me.

Oh yeah, there's a few of us here. We surreptitiously check the scores online at work and muffle exclamations at 90th minute penalty kicks, schedule 'dentist appointments' during key games, and discuss the deluge of cards, yellow and red, in hushed voices. Ours is a sad lot, but we're working with missionary zeal to advance the cause of the world's favorite game here. Until it catches on, the face paint will have to wait. Viva soccer!

In Malaysia, football fever is evident everywhere with restaurants throwing their doors open past closing hours, special world cup pizzas, University cafetaria's being open for longer to keep the students in at night for the later matches aired at three am in the morning. One of the main newpapers carried an article out in the paper exploring the possibility of the effects of decreased productivity on the economy, as most people here are up late at night, in order to catch their favorite teams play.

Mornings and afternoons, filled with speculations on the next match, and the higlights of the previous night's matches. Favorites here would definately be England, Brazil and Argentina. Asian pride, has also meant that Japan and South Korea were a favored two, their exit marking disapointment but no decrease in the amount of spectators thronging restaurants, bars and hawker stalls to watch the match.

She won be the only WNBA player at the game. The Indiana Fever will have a contingent in the sellout crowd at Xavier Cintas Center. The Fever honored Hill, who is from Indiana, earlier this month at a Pacers preseason game. They cheap jerseys from China made her an honorary member of the Fever.

She wanted to do more.

Go below to see what you can do to help Lauren.

She reached out to her agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas. A few hours later, Colas was talking with Kristin Bernert, senior vice president of business Cheap NFL College Football Jerseys operations for the Liberty.

Bernert had read about Hill and was also deeply moved by her story. So the two thought of ideas and came up with a website.

It serves as a chance for people to learn about Hill and offer their support. There are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts from athletes across the sporting world, including Mia Hamm, Richard Sherman and Kyle Singler.

"We want to make this woman feel the love from the basketball community," Bernert said. "We also want Dt5FW6a9x to raise awareness for the disease she fighting. Raise some money. There a lot of momentum around her right now. How do we remind people the disease is still there eight or nine months from now?"

PHOTO GALLERY: Lauren Hill at basketball practice

Bernert said she has talked to officials on teams across the WNBA and they plan to do more next year when the league starts its season. But for now, the website is really becoming a central point for people to help.

Bernert said she received an email from an AAU basketball team in Iowa which wanted to use the logo from the website on T shirts this weekend in honor of Hill when they play in a tournament.

"It really amazing to see how at every level from the grassroots to college and the pros, people want to get involved and support her."

Letters, video tributes and cards have been pouring in across the country to Hill. South Carolina coach Dawn Staley took it a step further. Her team makes wooden stools for the locker room for each player on the Gamecocks. The school made up one for Hill with her name and number and sent it along.

"This really puts things in perspective," Staley said. "This game is loved by everyone and she definitely an example of someone that loves this game."

Delle Donne can wait to meet her.

"She had that much passion for the sport to get one more game in there. It so amazing to see as an athlete her love of basketball. To see what she doing to play that game is really miraculous and so incredible," Delle Donne said.

"The impact she going to have on the world is the most important thing.

Here how to cheap nfl jerseys authentic help Lauren cause

> Donate to The Cure Starts Now Foundation. It was created specifically to raise needed research money to find a cure for DIPG.

Jersey Shore star Snooki's book was released today (Tuesday) the same week the MTV reality star and her housemates are on a media blitz ahead of Thursday's Jersey Shore Season 3 premiere. A Shore Thing was originally scheduled to be released at the end of January, but was moved up to take advantage of all the media attention surrounding the cheap nfl football jerseys premiere of Jersey Shore Season 3. Snooki's book tour for A Shore Thing will begin next week, she confirmed on today.

Jersey Shore Season 3 Spoilers (Updated 1/4/11)

Snooki's 304 page fun, sexy romance novel tells Dt5FW6a9x the story of "a girl looking for love on the (Jersey cheap jerseys supply Shore) boardwalk (one full of big hair, dark tans and fights galore)." Snooki, who went to school to become a vet tech, actually co wrote the book with her collaborator during the filming of Jersey Shore Season 3. "I just gave her scenarios, (a character) possibly working at a tanning salon, there has to be drama in it, fights," Snooki told USA Today. Mike 'The Situation' released his book "Here's the Situation: A Guide to Creeping on Chicks, Avoiding Grenades, and Getting in Your GTL on the Jersey Shore" on November 2. Her debut book The Rules According to JWoWW is due out in February. As a former television news producer she enjoys keeping up with current events, but has somewhat of an obsession with entertainment news. In this column, Melissa will cover everything Jersey Shore from on and China Wholesale Youth Football Jerseys off screen "situations" to what the self described guidos and guidettes are doing that makes the rest of us say J "WOWW!"

GTL: Gotta Tip or Lead? Send Melissa an email.

Contact me

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Alabama State head football coach Brian Jenkins talks to wholesale jerseys players on the sideline. Southern won 45 34.(Photo: Shannon Heupel/Advertiser)Buy PhotoAlabama State head coach Brian Jenkins made a special presentation to Southern head coach Dawson Odums to honor Jaguars receiver Devon Gales, who suffered a severe spinal injury during the Jaguars' loss to Georgia on Sept. 26.

Gales broke the C6 vertebrae as a result of a head to head collision during the second half of the game against the Bulldogs.

Jenkins presented Odums with an Alabama State jersey with Gales' No. 33 before Saturday's kickoff, one of many jerseys dedicated to Gales across the country.

Southern University has set up a fund for the Gales family. The College Football Assistance Fund announced on Wednesday that a grant of $5,000 has been awarded to the Devon Gales Fund to help the family with travel and loss of income expenses.

A link to donate to the fund is available on the Alabama State athletic website.

According to Southern, Gales is recovering and has started rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta after successful surgery at Athens Regional Medical Center in Georgia.

No tackling dummies: Hornets linebacker Kourtney Berry came into Saturday's game as tied for the most Dt5FW6a9x tackles in the Football Championship Subdivision.

The redshirt junior led the SWAC with 71 total tackles through five games. Berry's has recorded double digit tackles in every game this season.

Sophomore linebacker Dominique Jackson has also been rising on the tackles list. His 12 stops on Saturday helped him become the first Hornet other than Berry to lead the team in tackles during a game this season.

Big loss: The Jaguars got their biggest win over ASU since an 18 point win back in 2006. The Jaguars have dominated the series in Montgomery, having now won 9 of 12 meetings. Southern has beaten Alabama State Pro Bowl Jerseys on the road for the fifth straight time.

Southern's biggest win in the series was a 31 0 triumph back in 1994. Alabama State last win over Southern was a 31 30 game back in 2012.

The Jaguars now hold a 29 11 lead in the all time series.

No rush: The Alabama State rushing attack did anything but that on Saturday. The Hornets ran 33 rushing plays for just 67 yards in the first half. The longest rush of the night was a 15 yard run by quarterback Daniel Duhart.

The Hornets averaged 5.2 yards per carry this season heading into Saturday's game, and had rushed for an average of 345.5 yards per game in their last two Cheap With Top Quality & Fastest Shippment wins.

West side sack: ASU junior defensive end Darien Barrett had a sack during Saturday's game. The Boise State transfer and Inglewood, California, native now has 11/2 sacks and a tackle for loss this season.

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