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  • Thankful for the Two Hands That Hold Her Tiny Ones

    I am thankful for the two hands that hold Lola up as she stands upright, taking in the world around her. They are the hands that sat beside her sister coloring when she was small; the hands that drove the three of us to a day at the museum because when Mommy met Daddy she came with a bonus; and the hands that put together her toddler bed and kitchen set. They are the hands that held up a piece of paper on our wedding night reciting vows that indicated his promise to love us both for as long as he lived. They are the hands that have wiped tears when my heart has been heavy, and danced with his daughter just because. They are also the hands that rubbed my head as tears fell with each contraction and gently rocked Lola in his arms mesmerized, because after 39 long weeks,baby stores online, he couldn’t believe she was finally here.AdvertisementAnd now months later, these hands, well-versed in all things baby,baby clothes, are rocking a sweet baby to sleep,baby safety, pureeing baby food, changing diapers, and making her fly. They hold the hands of an 8-year-old, a 9-month-old (and a 29-year-old too), holding up books as one leans on his shoulder and the other into the crook of his arm for a bedtime story. They are holding up a little lady who loves to stand on her own two feet, and searching for fallen pacifiers in the middle of the night while half asleep.I could go on and on about the numerous things my husband’s hands do; how they rub my back after what has been a difficult day, reminding me that my best is enough and applaud which each one of my successes. I could go on because they do so much. And sometimes I forget, because they are doing the things that I’ve come to expect them to do, or because I am so focused on what is happening in my own world. But in the moments when I stop, I see things for what they are. I see the man who comes home from work and goes and plays on the floor with his baby as he listens to his 8-year-old talk about her day, holding in his grasp a list of spelling words. In those moments I am thankful for the two hands that came into my life and decided to stay. I am thankful that our children will go through life with him as their father.I am thankful that his hands will always be there for each of us to hold. And oh how I love to see our baby’s tiny hands nestled in his.

What are some common speech problems?
When you first started talking, you may have stuttered,baby clothes, lisped or hesitated for long periods of times – and you are not the only one. But how do we figure out if these speech problems are normal at, say, 4 years of age? According to American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASLH), up to 15% of preschoolers have a speech problem, with the three most common ones being:

Lisping is an articulation problem characterized by substitution involving the letters “s” and “z”. Young children typically find it hard to pronounce words involving both letters and will therefore, replace them with “th”. The “r” sound is also sometimes substituted with “w”,baby care, for example, instead of saying “rabbit”, a child with lisp will pronounce it as “wabbit”.

It is quite common for children to stutter between the age of 2 to 3, according to Greg Prazar, MD, FAAP, a pediatrician practicing in Exeter, New Hampshire. Stuttering affects speech in many different ways, with the most frequent one taking the form of repeating the first syllable of a word e.g. pe-pe-pe-pe-pencil. It can happen when a child is overexcited, tired, or trying to speak too quickly.

Long pauses
Lengthy pauses are usually indication that a child is racking her brain for the right word, or how to form the next sentence. This is mostly normal but can sometimes (though rarely) be a symptom of cluttering, a form of fluency disorder characterized by, according to the Stuttering Foundation of America, excessive breaks in the normal flow of speech, talking too fast or in spurts, or simply being unsure of what one wants to say. Think jerky speeches.

While every child may vary from each other in their development of speech and language skills, there are a few expert-suggested milestones to help figure out if a child is on track or if he needs extra help. Below are the sounds your children should have mastered at the following ages:
around 3 years: b, p, m, n, h, d, k, g, ng (sing), t, w, f, y
around 4-5 years: f, sh, zh, ch, j, s, and cluster sounds tw, kw, gl, bl
around 6 years: l, r, v, ng, and cluster sounds pl, kl, kr, fl, tr, st, dr, br, fr, gr, sn, sk, sw, sp, str, spl
around 7-8 years: th, z, and cluster sounds sm, sl, thr, skw, spr, skr (Adapted from Raising Children Network)

Do note that having speech problems does not always denote language delay. A child with speech problems can be proficient with the language – as in, they understand the words and know the right ones to use. They just have trouble pronouncing the sounds in the words.

When to start worrying?
You have nothing to be concerned about if your child displays any of the speech problems outlined above. It is only when the problem is accompanied by other symptoms that you should be – and these symptoms are as follow:

He is approximately six months behind the aforementioned appropriate age ranges for certain speech sounds.
His stuttering lasts more than eight months.
People who don't know your child often have trouble understanding what he is saying.
He suffers from a mild or severe hearing loss (even the former can affect how your child reproduces the words he hears).
When compared to his peers, his speech sounds immature.
He displays symptoms of a learning disability or a developmental disorder (such as autism spectrum disorder).

I think my child has a speech problem – where do I seek help?
It is important to seek help as soon as you think there's a problem. First of all, you want to take your child to a doctor to rule out any hearing loss, learning disability or developmental disorder. The doctor will run some tests to diagnose the problem and will most probably refer you to a professional who can treat these speech problems, known as a speech-language pathologist or speech therapist*.

The speech-language pathologist will study how your child speaks and if he does indeed have a speech problem, speech therapies might be prescribed. Speech therapies may include - depending on the severity of your child's case – working with your child on how to pronounce certain words and sounds, relaxation techniques and voice exercises, The speech-language pathologist should also be able to answer any inquiries you may have about your child's speech and language development.
*If you are sure your child has a speech problem that has nothing to do with any hearing loss, learning disability or developmental disorder, you can easily locate a speech-language pathologist in your area here.

How do I help as a parent?
You can also play an important part as a parent. The first thing to keep in mind is to NOT create undue pressure on your child to form perfect speeches because chances are, he is even more frustrated about it than you. Pressuring or criticizing his speech can cause his confidence to dip and he might end up not speaking at all as a result, which can cause his speech to deteriorate further – it is worth noting that emotional stress is the most cited reason for stuttering in children. Here are a few ways in which you can help:

Encourage your child to talk.
The best way for your child to develop his verbal skills is to continuously practice it. Encourage him to talk by asking him questions, then respond accordingly.

Read to your child everyday.
Reading to your child not only promotes bonding, but also develops his language skills. If that does not convince you to read to your child, know that a study published in Perspectives on Psychological Science in January 2013 has concluded that “reading to a child in an interactive style raises his or her IQ by over 6 points.”

Encourage your child to talk slowly.
It is understandable that a child would want to imitate the way the adults around him speak, but what he doesn't realise is that the adults have had years and years of practice! Let your child know that you have all the time in the world to listen to him – and he might just take the time to properly form the sentences in his head before verbalizing them!

You probably know your child better than anyone,baby feeding, and if your instinct tells you something isn't right, do not be afraid to consult the doctor immediately. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the more chances that it will be quickly overcome after all.

Fundamental low ankle safety shoes is worn for several causes, including motorbike using, bistro function,Work Shoes, building, together with other industries. When buying safety footwear or boots, the first objective ought to always be fundamental safety. Trend arrives next, particularly when you're buying perform footwear.

In line with the footwear or boots needs, you can or might possibly not have space for style when choosing fundamental safety footwear ore athletic shoes. Several work require stronger footwear or boots in comparison with other people. Your needs can include any slip-resistant single, a steel bottom, a water-resistant covering, insulation material, unique types of support, or possibly other functions which are purely available inside a fairly narrow variety of shoes. These characteristics might not be also recommended, depending by yourself workplace rules, further restricting your options. No matter this, you will find a selection of footwear or boots types by which still match the security needs.

For example, you might be capable of personalize your high ankle safety shoes by picking the conclusion or perhaps colour of the shoe. An example of safety shoes which will can be found in a number of styles would be the motorcycle boot. Designed to guard you while you are using, they are available in an unexpected variety of coatings and styles.

Just one pattern connected with fundamental safety shoes may be the actual developing selection of types designed for every single need. Well-known fundamental safety footwear or boots brands are often recognizing that nowadays, people want style, comfort and ease, as well as safety, all inside the identical shoes. Numerous brands choose to get this to particular possible using the addition connected with elegant particulars much like buckles on the outside of from the sneaker. A positive thing in regards to the layout is that almost all it's constructed from leather-based regarding toughness reasons. Leather-based may also be well-loved for style shoes, so the outside of safety footwear could be designed in ways that's really fashionable without diminishing the interior structure using the shoe. These fashion-conscious security shoes styles encourage both ladies and males to put on the correct athletic shoes without needing to sacrifice their very own style. Actually, motorbike boots have even grew to become popular regarding every day placed on, no matter their unique unique safety-conscious design.

Completely new security shoes includes a inclination to make use of lighter components in comparison towards the weighty shoes you could be thinking about out of your past. The truth is, they might be as light-weight as football footwear,Electrical Hazard Slip Resistant Boots, despite any steel foot. The habits in complete safety footwear or boots are usually within the components as well as the type of sneaker building, instead of the entire design. The specific specifications are continually changing on the planet regarding security footwear, and therefore current day footwear less complicated increased than individuals obtainable in yesteryear, delivering much more protection.

In selecting your footwear, this shoes should always become closed-foot, typically either in the shoe or possibly footwear style. Just one very stylish a part of safety footwear today might be the clog, particularly designs created in vibrant colours regarding plastic-type or possibly rubberized. They are light-weight, waterproof, and incredibly easily washed, leading to them to become a great option for most industries.

While you need to choose the athletic shoes according to its total style, together with your fundamental safety in mind, this does not signify the particular footwear should be unfashionable. Stylish footwear or boots designs get to every single sneaker style, and therefore really security footwear can certainly integrate the most recent developments

    Metatarsal ( MET)
    Metatarsal Boots provide metatarsal foot protection is designed to prevent or reduce injuries when the toe and metatarsal areas of the foot are exposed to ?drop? hazards. Footwear offering metatarsal protection must be designed and constructed with integral metatarsal guards.Steel Toe Shoes, The standard does not cover the use of ?aftermarket add-on? guards.

    The metatarsal protector must cover the complete dorsum of the foot and it should be an integral part of the footwear. The metatarsal protector must overlap the edge of the protective toe cap.

    The impact energy is the same as for toe impact The test clearances after the metatarsal impact tests are:
    Men 1 inch (25.4mm) Women 0.Athletic Safety Shoes,937 inch (24mm)
    You may view our full collection of metatarsal boots and shoes online.Sneakers Safety Shoes,
    External Metatarsal Boot

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