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Assessment of Bushmeat Exploitation by Hunters in Ifon Area of Ondo State, Nigeria

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Seminar paper from the year 2012 in the subject Cultural Studies - Black Studies,, language: English, abstract: This study looked into Assessing the Bushmeat Exploitation by hunters in Ifon Area of Ondo State. A complete set of Questionnaire was designed and administered to 30 hunters in the area. Personal visits and observation was made, while discussions and interviews are made use of to collate information on the study area. The Data collected was analyzed using Descriptive Statistics which includes Frequency Distribution and Percentage, Measure of Central Tendency and Measure of Dispersion. The Results revealed the bushmeat species consumed, their level of awareness with regard to the negative impact that Bushmeat Exploitation had on Wildlife Conservation was very low. As urban populations continue to grow and economies revitalize, unless action is taken to alter the demand for and supply of bushmeat, Ifon Area of Ondo State will be progressively stripped of certain wildlife species, risking their extirpation or extinction, and the loss of values they confer to local economies. Consequently, it is essential that, logging companies are encouraged or coerced not to facilitate bushmeat hunting and transportation in their concessions. Social marketing activities should be put in place to attempt to direct consumer preferences for animal protein away from bushmeat species that are particularly susceptible to over-exploitation.
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